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Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos

The decoration of the venue where the ceremony takes place is also a main part of the wedding planning. Here, at Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos, we undertake to decorate the space or the location you choose to hold your wedding ceremony. After you have chosen where the ceremony is going to be held in a small chapel, the town hall, the boat, the beach, the luxury villa or any other place you decide for such a unique moment, we are able to compose the fabulous scenery you desire. Always in consultation with you we make your wishes come true so that the result will satisfy you having exactly what you imagined for the wedding ceremony. Flowers, constructions, colours, fairy tale style, realism, minimal, together with your own special suggestions are becoming true by our experienced team of partners. That way your wedding ceremony can be described by one simple word...perfection!!!

The wedding reception is the place where the wedding dress will shine as the camera will be flashing all the time giving you the material to fill your wedding album. It is the hall of the reception, the place where you want to have everything you have imagined that will make you smile even more after the ceremony. There, your own people will welcome you and all together will have fun on the happy event of your wedding. It is a pleasure for us to decorate this place of reception, with a lot of care and love according to your taste and choices, so that your wedding becomes unique. All you have to do is tell us what you like, what your style is and what you have thought to have at the wedding reception area. Also, in case you decide to have a theme in your wedding ceremony, such as romantic, rustic, bohemian this is followed by the decoration to perfectly match your choices. There is no restriction and of course no obligation to follow the suggestions of our partners. We are here to listen to your ideas on planning your wedding and reception and make your dreams come true. Your own choices or the elements you have brought from your country with you are all welcome for us. At Fairytale Zakynthos Weddings we believe that everything is possible. Trust us and let us decorate and prepare at whole the reception area for you to dance, have fun, take pictures with your beloved ones, celebrating the way that suits you on the first day of your wedding, immediately after the ceremony.