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Wedding Flowers and Arch

Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos

Besides the wedding dress that every woman dreams of wearing, the bridal bouquet has a leading role in your wedding day as it is the cute touch that makes the difference in the hands of the bride. The bouquets of the bridesmaids are beautiful and unique in order to accompany you and stand by you, your relatives and friends, your bridesmaids, in an excellent way at your most beautiful moment of your life.

At Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos we make sure that the bouquet is also unique and mainly matches the style of the dress and the wedding ceremony in general. Of course, there are flower bracelets for the bridesmaids and one more especially made for the bride ... to decorate her own hand after the wedding ceremony.

The buttonholes for the groom and for everyone relative or friend who will accompany the groom are always matched with the central bouquet and so the result is harmonious and complete as everyone from the side of the groom will wear a buttonhole.

You choose the flowers you love and combine the colours that suit you, so that we can create a unique and elegant result that will represent you.

We decorate in any way you wish the aisle you will walk until you reach the man of your life and we also take care of the arch decoration always in the way you decide, during the wedding ceremony making the wedding hall seems more like a fairytale.

When the time to throw your bouquet comes during the wedding reception, your friends will definitely run to it not only to be the next to live their fairytale wedding, but also because they will have your special bouquet, decorate their place.