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Photography or Video Shooting

Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos

As the years passes by the memories of the beautiful moments come alive through the pictures. A particularly unique moment for all of us is our wedding day. The photos from that day always accompany us during the common path of life with our partner. At Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos we work together with the best photographers on Zante Island having a team of professionals who know how to capture the moment in frames and turn it into a piece of art work. There is no limitation on the photographer's choice. You can choose any photographer you want, we are here only to recommend, the final choice is yours and completely independent of the professionals we usually work with.

Your wedding seen through the romantic photos, the fabulous moments, portraits in magical frames depicted in the cameras and complete your wedding album, making it as special as you are. The result will justify your choice as you will have the chance to recall the moments through the photos of your most special day planned with a lot of love and respect for you from Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos.

The drone is certainly at your disposal so both photography and air-filming will give you even more special moments and frames of your wonderful wedding day on Zante island. The video recording is the means that will make you remember every minute of your wedding day. The ceremony and the wedding reception will come alive whenever you see it being able to keep those memories and share them with the family and the friends you love. Every time will be like you are back on Zante Island reliving your precious wedding day from the beginning. You will listen to the vows of eternal love and faith you have exchanged with your partner, you will see the excited faces of your own people and you will walk again and again in the corridor that has joined you forever with your man through the video that our experienced associates prepared for you and your wedding.

What we need at Fairytale Weddings Zakynthos is to inform us beforehand about the type of video and photos you wish to have on your wedding day. Family, group, portraits, artistic, natural and spontaneous, set and processed, humorous, black and white, sepia, photos before, during and after the wedding ceremony, video and DVD, handmade or digital album, whatever you wish becomes reality having the form you want to capture during the happiest, the most magical and special day of your life, your wedding day!